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Meet Cropter, the
world's most versatile
LED grow light.

Now, for the first time ever, growers can fine-tune the
intensity, spectrum and distribution of light their plants
recieve. The result: a completely customized growing
experience that puts you in control of cultivation. With
Cropter, the future of lighting is yours today.

Pioneer Packages - Spectral tuning is not rocket science

Be a pioneer and explore the real advantage of tunable LED grow lighting! We provide packages of technology and consultancy to help you unleashing the full potential of your plants. And all this is based on a self-financing R&D process and comes with a guaranteed ROI within 4 to 15 months.

Cannabis Bud in front of the HashCropter LED grow light

Cropter Rack

Treat your plants with tunable LED lighting during the propagation phase in order to unleash their full economic potential.

The HashCropter Rack in a research facility

Cropter Platform

Take advantage of the world's most flexible LED lighting platform, optimized for vegetative and flowering phase. Stay flexible with the help of spectral tuning, adjustable light distribution and various extensions.

HashCropter LED grow lights in a research facility

The Cropter has been designed for cannabis cultivation but is also used in several research facilities.

HashCropter LED grow lights in a research facility

Based on the Cropter we provide solutions for multi-tier propagation and cultivation.

Person in a lab coat brings plants to the HashCropter Rack

For those who are on the forefront of understanding the impact of lighting we have been providing customized solutions since 2010.

Room with multiple LED grow lights, reflectors and wheat