Over the years we have been working with many research facilities and cultivators, providing consultancy and high-end solutions for tunable LED grow lighting.


Based on our profound knowledge and experience the development of the HashCropter platform has started in 2017. Beside the technological aspects we have been quite busy with developing lighting recipes for professional cannabis cultivation. The main objective was to increase crop value while reducing running costs. All our research has been conducted in collaboration with licensed research facilities.

Beside cannabis cultivation the Cropter Platform is used by renown research institutes.

Cropter Rack

Based on the Cropter Platform we have developed the Cropter Rack in 2018. Our research on Cannabis has shown that the light treatment in propagation and the vegetative growth highly influences the final crop value. The HashCropter Rack has benn designed to give cannabis cultivators a tool to prepare seedlings and clones in order to unleash it's full potential in flowering.

Beside cannabis cultivation the Cropter Rack system is also used by renown research institutes.

Customized Solutions

During the last 9 years we provided customized LED solutions for many renown research facilities and institutes. Our focus has been to retrofit climate chambers. All solutions are fully tunable and range from 6 to 24 channels. We are proud to be working with the most renown institutes, including:

University of Stuttgart, IPK Gatersleben and GroƟ Luesewitz, German Federal Environmental Office, Fraunhofer Institute, Leibnitz Institute, University of Potsdam, Humboldt University Berlin, University of Hohenheim, Syngenta, Subitec GmbH, DSV